Founded in 1980s by the Yap brothers and their father, Chitson Transport has been serving customers for over 40 years. We aim to transport our clients from point to point in a fast and efficient manner while ensuring the safety of all our customers.

Services we provide


Daily transport for companies/factories

Pick-ups from designated pick-up points everyday and vice versa.

Airport Transfers

Pick-ups from Airport to Hotels

Ad-hoc bus bookings

Point-to-point pick-up or dropoffs for your outings/daily needs

Per-Hour basis

Buses can be provided for prolonged period as well, with a minimum duration of 3-hours.

Jurong Island Access

We are able to provide buses into Jurong Island as well.

School Buses

The safety of every child is the primary concern of parents everywhere and thus Chitson is committed to ensuring that all our bus drivers are well-trained to meet the stringent safety needs of schools and students.